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Video: A Conversation on Avox

In a short video interview, Ron Jordan, Chief Data Officer, DTCC and Mark Davies, Managing Director, Avox discuss Reference Data and Avox’s position in the industry.

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The Community Approach

Avox matches, enriches and maintains legal entity reference data. Our clients form a stakeholder community that send internal data records to be researched, checked and maintained by our team of researchers and analysts. We are focused on high quality data, intelligent research and smart centralised processes.
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Our Services

We have developed a range of services to meet our clients' data management requirements. Our Data services are made up of three inter-related offerings: the Managed Data Service, the KYC Service, and the Enhanced Data Service, which supports regulatory reporting requirements. We also offer Outsourcing, Utility and Partner services.
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AvoxData.com allows users to search online for entity records and view a subset of Avox standard content, including Entity Name, Status, Identifiers, Principal Place of Business and Parent information.
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