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The Avox Cleansing Process

About Avox
  1. Loading of Client Data
  2. Data Cleansing
  3. Reporting
  4. Extract of Portion of Available Data Fields


Three sorts of exception reports are produced during the process:

Exception reports are sent back to clients in the required format.

Managing Changes

Avox receives an updated copy of its clients' data on a regular basis, from which deltas (changes) are generated. These deltas are used to ensure that Avox works on the most Up-to-date copy of the data.

If the data for a record has changed, Avox compares the new information with the original to determine which is correct. If the new record is correct, the Avox Core record is updated with the new details. If the new record is incorrect, it is added to the exception report to be returned to the client so they can correct their record.

The updated data is a full extract of the data and is usually delivered in the same way as the original data, although this is not mandatory.